4 Fashions Trends of 80-Talet Kläder You Should Try

80-Talet Kläder is back. By the looks of it, 80s fashion is here to stay or it never went away. Indeed, it remains a popular choice for theme parties. Likely because of the colorful clothes and top charting music from this decade. Best of all, it promoted a sense of personal style. Hence, its appeal to many who want to stand out.

We highlight four fashion trends from the eighties you need to try today. Some styles still have a place in fashion to date. On the other hand, you’ll find out why other styles didn’t make it out of the decade.

Women Loved the Mini skirt and Oversized Top

Miniskirts were a staple for women in the eighties. The standard length was shorter. More often than not, a pair of leggings was part of the ensemble. Then again, you can still pull off the look without it. The choice for a top would be anything oversized. It could be a sweater or t-shirt. Add a pair of high-top sneakers, scrunch socks, and huge earrings then you’re back in the eighties.

80-tals kläder

Leg Warmers for Exercise or Otherwise

Interest in the exercise was high in the eighties. Hence, the popularity of Jane Fonda workout videos then. Chances are you have a vivid image of Jennifer Beals in Flash Dance wearing leg warmers during her audition. Interestingly, this trend wasn’t limited to those who wanted to get physical. Many women then wore it as part of their mini skirt ensemble. Why? Perhaps to keep their legs warm considering the length of the mini skirt. Otherwise, no one knows.

Those Odd-Looking Fingerless Gloves

Despite their odd-looking appearance, fingerless gloves are synonymous with Madonna’s 80s style. Once the Material Girl popularized this trend, everyone followed suit. Interestingly, you’ll still find fingerless gloves to date. Moreover, its distinct design has found a purpose. Fingerless lifting gloves offer a better grip and air circulation for weightlifters.

Forgettable Stretch-Stirrup Pants

One 80s fashion trend many would likely want to keep there are stretch stirrup pants. While its concept seemed sound, sadly the outcome was less than favorable. It made a thin person look big when wearing it. The foot support also felt awkward.

It’s easy to adapt the 80s look to your personal style. At the same time, get the look for a themed party. Which 80-Talet Kläder trend would you keep and which one would you leave behind in the past?

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