4 Movies That Revolutionized 80’s Fashion

One of the many driving forces of fashion is films. The moment famous celebrities strut their stuff on the big screen wearing their exclusive clothing, many designers are anxious to replicate the style in their own design.

While some of these fashion trends that made its way to the movies never came to clothing stores, there’s still a large percentage of clothing that were shown in films that did make it into supermarkets across the world, albeit with now different variations. Some of these fashionable items even made its way to the 21st century. So without further ado, here are some memorable movies that revolutionized Cloths of 80’s times.

80-talet kläder


Who you gonna call? Perhaps your tailor or seamstress because during the e1980s, you couldn’t ask for anything that’d look sharper than Sigourney Weaver’s comfy yet very chic belted career dress complete with lilac striped scarf. The dress even transitions seamlessly as it fits both the day and night scenarios of the film. The only change in the ensemble was a pair of heels, and the famous actress even carried the style flawlessly. Aside from the belted career dress, the same actress also wore some other notable fashionable items in the film, such as a tangerine and gold lame gown created by legendary costume designer Theoni V. Aldredge.


Who could ever forget Flashdance? This film struck the minds and hearts of many with its excellent array of dance moves that captivated audiences everywhere. However, many weren’t just awestruck with the dance moves, but with what the actors and actresses wore during the movie. It’s not just about the time when Jennifer Beals disrobed in front of a rabbit-eared Zenith in such an alluring fashion, many fans and enthusiasts of the romantic and drama-filled movie praised the actress with her leather (or leather-like) skirt with a matching jacket.

License to Drive

It was a film wherein a young yet disgruntled Heather Graham enters the typical setting of a 1980s high school party. The scene was memorable because the actress was playing the role of a sister that’s fed up with her older, Italian suitor’s condescending demeanor. However, that’s not all the scene was famous for as the celebrity entered the room filled with 80’s adolescence wearing a black-and-white, spandex, polka dot dress. If you saw this in theaters back in the day, then perhaps you’ve heard the “oohs” and “aahs” of moviegoers as soon as Graham entered that room.

Can’t Buy Me Love

Another romantic film that shook the eyes, hearts, and minds of many because of its plot and storytelling is Can’t Buy Me Love. It was also a film famous for the now doomed white suede, shoulder-padded suit complete with a fringe bikini top. If you wore such an ensemble now, you’d no doubt get weird looks from different people across the street. However, when you wore it back in the 80’s you’d be the most popular kid in school (or work).

These are just some of the few famous films that came out in the 1980’s that paved the way for new fashion trends. What was your favorite film during the 80’s that you think made its mark in fashion?

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