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Travelling for more comfortable and trendy life

People have different reasons for travelling and some of these reasons are personal. We will provide 10 reasons for travelling and you can decide which on suits you. Sometime people feel themselves stuck in daily life and want to do something which can excite them. Travelling will give you new experiences and challenges. Travelling is a good way to test yourself and it will take you out of your comfort zone. When you will be exposed to new places you will truly come to know how resourceful you are. Travelling may help you in finding your way around the busy city. Imagine the situation when you have to order your meal when you do not know the language. You will have a feeling of proud after successful completion of your trip. When you overcome the challenges you will filled with joy and energy which will help you for future tests. It will help you to build your confidence and you will realize your capability.

The second reason for the travelling is learning process. You will learn a lot when you will travel to different places around the world. You will discover something you are unfamiliar with and will have new skills and knowledge. Discovering the world is more knowledgeable and educational than your school and college classes. Travelling is like learning subjects such as geography, history and sociology. You can find something unique at every place to teach the visitors and will give you a true learning experience. You can travel if you want to learn something specific like a new language, a new cuisine, different cultures in the world and different types of spirituality and also you will learn more than your specific goal as a bonus to you. You can find different ways of living and doing things. You will also become aware of new cultures, new places and peoples.

All the experience that you will gain by traveling will stay with you for a long time as you will gain it by travelling in real life and not just by reading books. It will fill you with a great sense of satisfaction with new experiences and skills that you will learn. Traveling will help you opening your mind. After traveling you will discover that there is not only one way to live the life and do the things in daily life. When you will meet different people you will come to know that people are seeing the world with different eyes and views. You will learn how the life is different at different places around the world. You will discover that everything from work to home is so different from your own expectations. Travelling will fill you with many fresh ideas that you do not know before. You will come home with a lot of different possibilities and views. It will give you a wider world view when exposed to different places in the world and it will make you a better global citizen so it is a very great and big reason for traveling.

Travelling away from your home will provide you an opportunity to reflect on your life. You will have the desired time and space which will allow your mind to wander and stock the different possibilities. You will receive new set of opportunities and views every day. It will also help you in discovering yourself and you will come to know who you are after the insight view of yourself. So in this way your life will change for betterment and you will come to know what you actually want from your life. When you stuck in the daily life you will likely to lose the sight what you already have. Your eyes are not open for what you have more precious. You will have fresh appreciation for your hometown when you will explore some new places. You will feel lucky that you are living at such a place and there is no other place like home on the whole earth. Travelling is the great opportunity for the families to connect with each other. Traveling bring people together. A romantic trip or a long weekend will strengthen the important bonds. Travelling is the demand of today’s lifestyle and a good way to meet families spread across the country and world.

Cool gadgets to buy for your home to make it smarter than ever

The concept of living in a home is changing rapidly. With the advancement of technology, a simple home is turning into a smart home. Therefore, you need to follow the trend and give your home an upgrade. Here is the list of coolest gadgets to have at your home to make it smart.

Amazon Echo – This has become the coolest gadget for a home. It has a Bluetooth speaker, and you can use voice commands to activate several processes. Therefore, you can sit in your cozy bed or sofa and order it to play songs for you. You can also control other smart appliances with it. It also lets you check weather and buy products from Amazon.

Cool gadgets

Google Home – If you are a fan of Google, you should avoid buying Amazon Echo and go for it. You can search everything with your voice command. It also lets you operate smart bulbs, music, and other smart appliances. It is less expensive that Echo and has Google Assistance integration.

Smart Bulbs – Smart bulbs are taking over the world, and one can change color, brightness, and angle of light with smartphone app easily. You should definite have these in your home to make it smart.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Cum Mop – This is one of the useful inventions, and it can clean your home automatically by remembering the path. It can clean dust and do moping as well. You can also schedule it when you are not at home so that it can keep your home clean. It can clean those places where human hands won’t reach.

Automatic Sensor Trash Can – Nobody wants to touch the trash can unless they want to clean it. Therefore, an automatic touchless trash can is one of the smartest things to have at your home to surprise your guests. It opens up when you approach it.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Cum Mop

Nest Cam – More and more homes are having cameras for remote surveillance due to security purpose. This one is unique because it lets you have cloud storage option and sharp night vision. It is also compatible with Amazon Echo and provides an app to view the camera from remote places.

Chamberlain MYQ Garage– This is an amazing gadget that lets you open and close car garage automatically from surrounding areas with the smartphone app. In the next version, the company is upgrading it so that the garage opens and closes automatically when a recognized person or a car approaches the garage door.

Apart from these, there are LED shower, LED commode, pouring light lamp, smart bed, smart cookware and likewise. Buy the ones that you find useful to bring down your workload.

Supreme Court has ordered to close the highway liquor shops

The judgment of the Supreme Court in the state of Tamil Nadu government for the ban of liquor shops has undergone a lot of issues in the last year as the media criticism has been high for this issue. This is not the first time the Supreme Court has ordered for the power wielded lobby in every state. However there is a strong criticism is in the case of Supreme Court judgment to withdraw their order against the liquor ban.

The highway liquor shops has been banned by the Supreme Court because of there are many accidents in the national highway due to excessive liquor. The judgment states that, “The law can only imperfectly alleviate the consequences of road accidents. In terms of personal suffering caused to individuals and families as well as in terms of deprivation caused to society of its productive social capital, road accidents impose unacceptable costs.”

judgment of the Supreme Court

In order to justify the intervention the court has imposed some parameters that are confined to the law that has been enforced in this regard. The number of accident cases in the high ways has increased drastically from 2014. The death rate of about 1.24 lakh has been increased to 1.35 lakhs in the next year. The state highway is also facing number of accidents in this regard.

It has been registered that there are about 7307 accidents because of alcohol consumption and also 2591 death has been reported in this concern. If the victim is dead due to drink and drive then their heir will not get any compensation. According to section 215, in the year of 2004 it has been suggested to close the liquor shops in national highways but the law was not imposed. But due to the increased over the years and the government has been criticized for not taking necessary action in this regard.

So the Supreme Court has decided to bring legal law in this flaming issue to avoid the road accidents. The law has been passed in India to ban of liquor shops that are available in the national highways. The order from the Supreme Court states that if there is any shops that are providing the liquor in the national and the state highways then their license will be cancelled. A lot of criticism has been raised regarding this furious action of the Supreme Court.

3 Tips to Travel With an Affordable Budget

Most people would love to take a break from their usual routine and do something different. Oftentimes, the daily chores at home and work bog you down. It’s recommended that you travel to some place either alone or with your friends and family to break the monotony.

Some people might not be able to travel because ofprior commitments that can’t be ignored, while others have financial difficulties that limit them from going ahead. When your will to travel exceeds your excuses, there’s no stopping you from achieving your travel goals.

Here are a few tips to help your travel plans within an affordable budget:

  1. Plan your trips well in advance

It’s nice to go with the flow and enjoy the fun without any expectations; however, it would be better to do a basic research about the places before you pack your bags and head out. It’s suggested that you check for places that provide rooms at an affordable price. This will help you save a lot of time and money rather than settling for an expensive place.

Some cities can be extremely expensive, and you might have to sleep on the couch or get comfortable sleeping in tents. You’ll save a good sum when you plan ahead and stay prepared for what’s coming.  Food is expensive in some cities, and it would be ideal to cook your own food rather than heading for expensive hotels.


  1. Spend your money wisely

You can travel comfortably when you travel in taxis, but you might be missing out on meeting people. Traveling in taxis can be a rip off; instead, it would be a better to take the train or bus rather than the more expensive alternatives, like flights or taxis.

Some people might like to go partying and might miss out on the joy of embracing diverse cultures. It would be ideal to go for non AC rooms if you can survive without one. If you’re looking to save a few dollars, make sure you go for affordable options rather than being luxury oriented.

  1. Avoid the main tourist areas to save

Oftentimes, the mainstream tourist attractions are more like a honeybee hive thronged by millions making it more expensive and crowded.You’re likely to save a few hundred dollars where the crowd is lesser. Taj Mahal isn’t the only place you need to visit when you go to India; there are other noteworthy places to admire and cherish.

You’ll learn more from life when you smile. It creates a lot of opportunities to transform negative experience into positive ones. Furthermore, you’ll realize you can buy more things wearingthat precious smile that money can never buy, like local hospitality. Make sure you don’t wipe off that smile off your face and you’re on your way winning hearts while saving a few dollars.

Traveling isn’t just for the rich

Most people feel traveling requires a lot of money, which isn’t completely true.  There’s a lot you can do with a few hundred dollars when you plan your travel in advance. All you need to do is do your research, talk to people who have been to the same destination, and plan your itinerary. Planning ahead in time and weighing your options is a great way to get the best value for your money.


Choosing the Perfect Fashion Accessories for Perfect Girls

When it comes to fashion, women are extremely particular about accessorizing them with embellished pieces. Accessories are something that can either make your look or break it. While choosing the fashion accessories with your outfit, you need to keep in mind the color, style, scale, and the occasion.

Here are some tips that would help you selecting the best piece for you that would make you look adorable.


Color of your outfit

If color of your dress is black, white or other neutral colors, you can pick accessory of any color. It’ll look stylish and perfectly coordinated with your outfit. But, if you want to define your own big fashion statement, choose the combination of light and dark colors. If you pair adventurous and bold colors, it might happen that the combination doesn’t look good as others. If it’s not a holiday season, try to avoid partnering with green, because it’ll look drab on you. Perform some experiments with the colors and find the one that will work best for you. Also, keep in mind not to use more than three colors in your whole outlook.

Play with accessories and define your own style

Fashion accessories play an important role in defining your style. If you’re wearing white shirt and a jeans, a LBH (little black dress) or if you’re going to jump into a jumpsuit, you can amp up your look depending on the handbag you carry, the shoes you wear, or the accessories and jewelry you carry.

You can try different accessory optionsyou can consider like playful accessories, edgy accessories, casual accessories, workday accessories, and many other depending on your style.

Punch up your look with perfectly scaled accessories

The scale of your fashion accessories is also one of the important factors. If you’re wearing a dress having patterns, it’s good to choose the simple accessories. Don’t pick the accessories with busy design one because it might make your outfit look tacky and unattractive. The same goes if it’s a ruffled one, or having embroidery on it. To accentuate your look, it’s good to choose the accessories, which are understated.

The shape and scale of handbag is also important if you’re carrying it with your dress. Choose the handbag according to your body shape. If you’re tall and thin, short and slouchy bags, like clutches and hobos will look best. But, if you’re a petite woman, choose satchels that are oversized. Those who are plus-size and want to hide your curves, you’ll look fab carrying medium-sized bag.

Accessories you carry with your outfit are something that can take it from drab to fab. Also, they can help you in extending your closet; since you can experiment with your looks. You just need to put some extra efforts selecting the best piece for you that go perfect with your outfit.

Education inequality in India amplified by the NIRF rankings

The best in class educational institutions in India these days provide the most excellent support for all students learn as successful as possible. There are 67 educational institutions in eight states out of 100 best educational institutions in the nation.  India has more than 760 universities, 11, 000 stand alone institutions, 39, 000 colleges and 51, 000 strong higher educational institutions at this time.  The National Institutional Ranking Framework revealed the official ranking of the vast higher education system in India by the central government. The human resource development ministry announced the overall result of the 2nd edition of NIRF.  The two major issues in the national rankings associated with the education system in India are how such ranking exercises failed to garner required assistance and amplification of the inequality in the education system of India.

NIRF rankings

In the 2017 rankings, only 2995 educational institutions participated among 39, 000 colleges, 760 universities and 11000 stand alone institutions. These members totally include only 6% of the overall pool.  Individual private promoters and the government of India have to make an informed decision for enhancing every aspect of the education system in India. There are many reasons behind the decreasing quality of education. However, some of the major reasons are lack of awareness, non-eligibility for not perfectly completing any specified number of years, fear of falling behind and the lack of proper documentation. Inequality is the most important problem and required to be solved.

The regional imbalance associated with the presence of leading educational institutions in the nation is revealed by this ranking. This is because 67 educational institutions out of 100 educational institutions are available in eight states including the national capital Delhi. Maharashtra has nine best educational institutions. However, Tamilnadu has 20 best educational institutions.  There are no quality educational institutions in the six union territories and 23 States in the nation. The complete classifications among educational institutions reveal a similar picture. Six states in the nation have 60 best educational institutions. Three states in India have remaining 40 best educational institutions.  Many specialists in the education system of India nowadays recommend Delhi, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra for those who seek higher education opportunities in the nation.  This is mainly because the best institutions in these States and union territory provide the most expected support for all students achieve the higher education goal without any difficulty and delay in any aspect.