The Best Guide To A Bikini Body

Probably all of us love to admire people with a perfect body. It is good to appreciate as well as own such a body. The ultimate thing might look tempting but the journey is not easy. You need a right guide to help you in your journey of a fit body. We are today here to talk about the best personal trainer who can guide you with this. Kayla Itsines is a professional personal trainer who has designed the most effective fitness routine to get a fit body resulting to a confident person and happy soul.

The fitness regime

The Bikini Body Guide designed by Kayla Itsines comes in two stages covering 6 months. The first stage is of 12 weeks and the latter 12 weeks is the advanced stage. The workouts are planned for everyday where you get only a day rest in a week. The program is a combination of both exercise and diet. The diet side allows you to intake a maximum of 1600 calories in a day. The program can be taken up by anyone as the introductory phase is quite easy and a person who has never exercised also can start with this. The exercises are kept easy at the beginning and then the difficulty levels are gradually increased.

The best part is the combination of exercises is interesting. You get to do pushups, squats, jumps and so many things which keep changing with time avoiding the monotony. For the exercises you will need jumping rope, dumbbells and a few things which are easily available at the gym. Also if you are practicing at home you can buy it all in less than $30. The bikini body shall only come with determination and continuous hard work. You cannot expect a one day transformation or rapid results. This program gradually works and brings effective results. This is why you can be sure that there are no harmful effects. You train your body to be fitter and better with this fitness regime. It is well designed to suit most body types and women who aspire to have a toned body.

Buy it today

The BBG comes in an online purchasable pdf format. It is a 279 pages long guide. The actual cost is $200 but if you have discount coupon or at least if you look for one you can get it at as low as $39. We have people who have got it in 80% discount reviewing about the product. For more you can follow Kayla Itsines on Instagram. There are other programs as well which you can follow. Visit the website and purchase as soon as possible.


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