Can’t afford it? Build it.

 In today’s music industry, one of the most common and popular musical instruments is the electric guitar. It has been a mainstay in the industry ever since the day it was invented. And through years of development and innovation, it has become what we know today.

It has paved the way for various iconic guitar legends as well as bands and a ton of genres and sub-genres. Because of these and of course the guitar heroes, the market for electric guitars have gone quite significantly up. The only problem the aspiring or seasoned guitar player may encounter is that they can’t afford to buy their dream guitar. In this case, they have the option to buy a lower end model which they will still end up selling in the future or build a custom guitar similar to their dream guitar ground up. Well, not exactly ground up but still from scratch or separate parts rather. This can be accomplished by acquiring a build it yourself electric guitar kit and customizing it to the player’s liking.

Cheap and quality alternative

 It’s fairly cheaper and more convenient to modify compared to buying a lower end or entry level guitar like a Squier (Fender) or an Epiphone (Gibson) and go through the tedious (and often annoying) process of taking it apart and stripping the paint job (this part really sucks) as well as the unfortunate possibility of losing parts or damaging electronics if you’re not careful enough. With the build it yourself kit, you won’t have to go through any of these inconveniences since the guitars usually come unassembled and in unfinished bare wood.

Great for beginner and experienced builders alike

 The build it yourself guitar kits are suitable for any builder of any skill level. The advantage this gives to beginners is that they can get to know and familiarize themselves with the various components that make up the electric guitar. The only hitch they might encounter is the electronics but if they have prior experience in soldering, that won’t be too much of a problem. There’s also a ton of tutorials on YouTube anyway

For more experienced builders, this gives them the convenience of choosing which components to upgrade without the hassle of taking the whole thing apart (since it already is). Whether they would want to change specific parts such as the pick up or the tuners, they can do so with ease.

Custom look to your custom guitar

 Since the guitar kit comes in bare wood, the builder has the freedom to do whatever he or she pleases to do in terms of the finish of the guitar. This is also in accordance to the builder’s skill level when it comes to finishing. But hey, it’s also a good way to practice one’s guitar finishing skills as well.

Overall, the do it yourself guitar kit is a very versatile solution if one cannot afford their dream guitar, they either have the option of custom making one as close as possible to the original, or be more creative and create something unique. The only limit is their imagination.


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