Choosing the Perfect Fashion Accessories for Perfect Girls

When it comes to fashion, women are extremely particular about accessorizing them with embellished pieces. Accessories are something that can either make your look or break it. While choosing the fashion accessories with your outfit, you need to keep in mind the color, style, scale, and the occasion.

Here are some tips that would help you selecting the best piece for you that would make you look adorable.


Color of your outfit

If color of your dress is black, white or other neutral colors, you can pick accessory of any color. It’ll look stylish and perfectly coordinated with your outfit. But, if you want to define your own big fashion statement, choose the combination of light and dark colors. If you pair adventurous and bold colors, it might happen that the combination doesn’t look good as others. If it’s not a holiday season, try to avoid partnering with green, because it’ll look drab on you. Perform some experiments with the colors and find the one that will work best for you. Also, keep in mind not to use more than three colors in your whole outlook.

Play with accessories and define your own style

Fashion accessories play an important role in defining your style. If you’re wearing white shirt and a jeans, a LBH (little black dress) or if you’re going to jump into a jumpsuit, you can amp up your look depending on the handbag you carry, the shoes you wear, or the accessories and jewelry you carry.

You can try different accessory optionsyou can consider like playful accessories, edgy accessories, casual accessories, workday accessories, and many other depending on your style.

Punch up your look with perfectly scaled accessories

The scale of your fashion accessories is also one of the important factors. If you’re wearing a dress having patterns, it’s good to choose the simple accessories. Don’t pick the accessories with busy design one because it might make your outfit look tacky and unattractive. The same goes if it’s a ruffled one, or having embroidery on it. To accentuate your look, it’s good to choose the accessories, which are understated.

The shape and scale of handbag is also important if you’re carrying it with your dress. Choose the handbag according to your body shape. If you’re tall and thin, short and slouchy bags, like clutches and hobos will look best. But, if you’re a petite woman, choose satchels that are oversized. Those who are plus-size and want to hide your curves, you’ll look fab carrying medium-sized bag.

Accessories you carry with your outfit are something that can take it from drab to fab. Also, they can help you in extending your closet; since you can experiment with your looks. You just need to put some extra efforts selecting the best piece for you that go perfect with your outfit.

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