Cool gadgets to buy for your home to make it smarter than ever

The concept of living in a home is changing rapidly. With the advancement of technology, a simple home is turning into a smart home. Therefore, you need to follow the trend and give your home an upgrade. Here is the list of coolest gadgets to have at your home to make it smart.

Amazon Echo – This has become the coolest gadget for a home. It has a Bluetooth speaker, and you can use voice commands to activate several processes. Therefore, you can sit in your cozy bed or sofa and order it to play songs for you. You can also control other smart appliances with it. It also lets you check weather and buy products from Amazon.

Cool gadgets

Google Home – If you are a fan of Google, you should avoid buying Amazon Echo and go for it. You can search everything with your voice command. It also lets you operate smart bulbs, music, and other smart appliances. It is less expensive that Echo and has Google Assistance integration.

Smart Bulbs – Smart bulbs are taking over the world, and one can change color, brightness, and angle of light with smartphone app easily. You should definite have these in your home to make it smart.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Cum Mop – This is one of the useful inventions, and it can clean your home automatically by remembering the path. It can clean dust and do moping as well. You can also schedule it when you are not at home so that it can keep your home clean. It can clean those places where human hands won’t reach.

Automatic Sensor Trash Can – Nobody wants to touch the trash can unless they want to clean it. Therefore, an automatic touchless trash can is one of the smartest things to have at your home to surprise your guests. It opens up when you approach it.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Cum Mop

Nest Cam – More and more homes are having cameras for remote surveillance due to security purpose. This one is unique because it lets you have cloud storage option and sharp night vision. It is also compatible with Amazon Echo and provides an app to view the camera from remote places.

Chamberlain MYQ Garage– This is an amazing gadget that lets you open and close car garage automatically from surrounding areas with the smartphone app. In the next version, the company is upgrading it so that the garage opens and closes automatically when a recognized person or a car approaches the garage door.

Apart from these, there are LED shower, LED commode, pouring light lamp, smart bed, smart cookware and likewise. Buy the ones that you find useful to bring down your workload.

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