Draught proofing versus double glazing sash windows

The wooden sash windows London are the most sought after option nowadays as they offer a lot of advantages like ease of operation, timeless design, energy efficiency, ease of maintenance, durability, effortless function and unmatched craftsmanship.

The origin of wooden sash windows is very primitive as of 17th century. They are very basic considering the engineering aspects yet they function effortlessly. There are some modern features which need to be incorporated for making them more feasible for easy handling. They need to be made weather proof by either draught proofing or double glazing. By making the windows weather proof, there is a huge advantage of savings in the energy bills. It can be summed up to a huge amount over a long time. So investing in weather proofing will be advantageous. By doing these we can also avoid the problems such as rattling, heat loss, dust ingress.

Basic Pointers to keep in mind always in order to avoid any hassles

Draught proofing: The sealing of the gaps is called draught proofing. It can be in doors or in windows. The gaps in the windows, as small as 4mm can also be sealed with draught proofing. As all the gaps are sealed properly there will not be any transfer of air between the exterior and interior which results in efficient usage of energy.

Double glazing: A double glazed glass is nothing but two glass window panes combined, which are separated by either air or gas. It will be triple glazed if we use three glasses. This will help to reduce the conductivity of the glass thus reducing the heat transfer from outside. So the wastage of energy will be curbed. The windows will help the home to be eco friendly by reducing the carbon foot print. The double glazed windows reduce the condensation formation on windows. Also makes windows more secure as they are hard to break.

Comparison: Both of these techniques will help reducing the energy bills efficiently by making the windows weather proof. You can opt for Sash windows that have small glass windows. With this, there is no chance for intruders to get into your house.

There is one more advantage with the double glazing, it may not completely inhibit the external noise but it will reduce the external noise compared to the draught proofing considerably.

When we use heavy curtains on the draught proofed windows we can get the effect of double glazing at a lower cost. It will be helpful if we are allotting a smaller budget.

By combining the double glazed units with draught proofing system we can have efficient window units. By a little bit of maintenance and proper care we can see them working properly for generations.

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