Energize your Mind, Body and Soul with Meditation

Meditation is an age old practice carried out to boost concentration of an individual by focusing their mind on a particular object in a calm state. Many Buddhists and great monks have done this to achieve great powers in their life. It is done by closing eyes and focusing your attention on breathing through the nose in a natural way having control on it by sitting in a comfortable posture.  It when continued on daily basis gives fruitful results in maintaining your body, soul and mind in a relax state by helping you to achieve the goals in your life. It is very simple can be carried out by sitting, standing or …….

guidelines of meditation

You can meditate at your home in your convenient timings by simply following the guidelines of meditation for beginners via One Mind Dharma blog.

Why choose One Mind Dharma?

One Mind Dharma is one of the best blog which has followed the Buddhist path and has something for everybody. It is created to help individuals to find a way to keep their mindset fullness helping to achieve their goals easily. They have a unique guide designed to offer best practices to the beginners to start meditation.

Enroll into One Mind Dharma to start meditation and access by buying their e-book The One Mind Guide to Meditation and course in life which teaches simple techniques for beginners for every day like how to start and build a good mindfulness practice. They help you by giving one month guided meditation for beginners; their worksheets help to deepen your practice, gives chance of one to one interaction and useful in setting your mind concentration.


Research tells us that there are many benefits by doing meditation. Get started with One Mind Dharma to get more benefits from meditation practice through their guide meditation for beginners. Meditation helps in improving your concentration, sleeping hours, reduces anxiety, boosts creativity and builds focus to achieve your goals in life. You just have to take some time for yourself busy lifestyle to make it a practice on daily basis to keep yourself fit and relaxed.

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