How To Figure Out The Best BBCOR Bats For You

When it comes to baseball, it is not only about how fast you can run or throw or catch, all those factors come into play after you have hit the ball. And for that you need a good and solid bat. Not one model works out for everyone; there are differences in grip strength and postures that make the use of different points of strength. If you have found your way to this article then you must be looking for an effective bat that helps you play to your strengths.


The factors that are at play:

While looking for best BBCOR bats, there are two principles at play. The first one is the handle of the bat. For those unfamiliar to the game, it works quite similar to the handle of a bat. It also works to regulate the power of the strike and absorb the shock of the strike. It needs to be longer and made of a material that has low rate of absorption. This is because if all force is applied goes into sending it farther in the field. Without the absence of it, the ball will drop just there and not go very far across the field. While figuring out the perfect one, look for an option that lets you have a free range when it comes to the selection of handle length.

The second factor at play is the factor of drop weight. The drop weight is the ratio of the length of the bat to its handle. It (the weight) needs to be at least 3 times the length. If it falls any below than that, do not opt for it as an option. You will have to put in more force into pushing the bat. But if you are on the plus side, you can send it further with lesser effort.

Play to win:

So what is keeping you from picking out best BBCOR bats and lead your team to victory. It is not always about how you play but what you play with as well.

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