Forging connections in the virtual world

The Internet has brought along with it countless possibilities. Be it education, entertainment or sports, almost everything finds its way into the real world through the virtual world. And vice versa. Therefore, it really isn’t surprising that people visit the virtual world a lot more to connect with other, like-minded people instead of the real world, where there might not be as many opportunities or choices.

Socializing virtually through dating apps has become the norm for people of every age. Whether someone is battling loneliness or just looking to pass time, or searching a partner to spend their lives with, people turn to dating apps for help.

These dating applications were created for mobile phones that are a common mode of communication and entertainment. There are countless dating apps—some also free of cost—that give people a chance to meet others, find those with whom they share a wavelength and then meet them in the real world.

Benefits of dating apps

Benefits of dating apps

Some dating apps provide personality tests for people to check if they match with others. This increases the possibility of finding compatible partners.

There being countless options to select from, users are free to choose only those they connect with more than others.

If users think they have met the kind of people they would like to interact with, they move over to chatting with each other and getting to know each other.

Some of these dating apps are free of cost and save money as users can indulge in socializing without having to move out of their homes. These apps also reduce the risks involved of meeting people with whom they might not be compatible or even those who could be fakes.

Disadvantages of dating apps

The algorithms put in place by certain apps might not always be accurate. No system is so perfect as to match two personalities perfectly.

Texting holds the risks of misunderstanding because it lacks clarity, or transparency. Meeting someone online, from behind a phone screen, feels superficial as opposed to meeting someone in person. The picture of the users might not match their personalities and this could lead to disappointments.


Dating apps have their pros and cons. Using them wisely and being on guard all through keeps the user safe from potential offenders and emotional anguish.