A Guide To Sp Flash Tool Download

Since sp flash tool is a freeware, you will not have to buy it, and you can directly download it into your device of choice. The sp flash tool download is used for the hardest un bricking problems in devices. If you are person who likes playing games and wants customised ROMS and it is of great help in recoveries too. There are times when files just get deleted unknowingly and getting them back with the help of sp flash tool.

The requirement for your sp flash download on your device

  • The operating system on your device should either be windows or Linux for your sp flash tool to work.
  • A requirement of USB chord.
  • The manual installation of VCOM drivers is required.
  • The android device should be bricked for this purpose.
  • The existing ROM or the one you are working with should be stocked, which will lead to the bricking.
  • Then you could download the latest version of the SP flash tool download on your device for usage.

Most of you would want to know how to install the VCOM drivers manually.

You would go to my computer- device manager- click ITEM- actions- and add legacy ware.

Press next and move onto the installing the VCOM manually.

Go next and click to have disk.

The VCOM drivers can be chosen as per your operating system.

Knowing to flash the ROM with SP tool

  • After removing the battery from the phone get it back to booting, for inbuilt ones you would just have to switch it off making sure there is no SD card.
  • You would have to launch the Sp tool n the administrator.
  • Scatter loading option should be clicked and search it on your ROM stock.
  • You could format your phone too.
  • Now connecting your phone to the USB chord with battery to the PC.
  • You would see the progress bar running.
  • And now you could disconnect the phone and get your battery.

The procedure can seem complicated in the beginning and persons new to this tool can find the downloading process a little cumbersome but it is well worth it and once you have done you will know it was worth through all the processes mentioned above. A little wait and you would love to flaunt this new tool on your smartphone and have greater control on your device right away.

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