Infidelity Tests – What are lie detector Tests for infidelity And What Do You Need To Know?

We all know that lie detectors are used by some private firms to detect any economy loss, injury or theft. Apart from that, it is also used by firms where there is a security concerns involved and some employers also use it as a pre-employment requisite.

Lie detectors are also used by many people in case of any infidelity noted with their partner. This can be opted by those who have tried ways to know things and have a feeling of being cheated by their partner for various reasons. It can also be used to know their partners personal history or to know things that are hidden from them for any reason.

Lie detector tests for infidelity:

Lie detector tests are opted when trust is lost between partners and it comes as a last resort to know the facts. Basically they are used to know if your partner is cheating on you or in case you doubt your partner.  These tests are conducted in a forensic lab where appropriate questions are designed to know facts about their partner. This can give specific information on sexual interactions, dating, cybersex involvement, visiting pornographic sites etc. There are many lie detector services where you can opt for their services.


What you need to know?

Lie detector test can help you to know exactly what you want to know. You can get any type of information from your partner based on what your condition or situation is. You may have to work with the examiner to design the pattern of questions that are helpful to get appropriate answers. Asking more questions will decrease the accuracy of the information. Hence, design not more than 4 questions that are simple and clear. They should mean the same thing to everyone and should not be confusing or lengthy.

Types of lie detector tests for infidelity:

Personal history infidelity test: These type of tests are used to know the personal history of your partner. This can include information like their financial obligations in the past, their sexual life, if they have dated anybody, addiction to alcohol or drugs and you can get information about their health condition like STD.

Cheating infidelity test: This type of test is used to determine if your partner is cheating on you in any way. This might include any sexual contact with anyone else apart from your partner, dating anybody else apart from your partner or having kissed anyone.

Internet infidelity test: Polygraph tests can also be conducted to know the person’s infidelity over the internet. One can know if the person has visited any pornographic sites, sexual chat rooms and even dating sites etc. This includes any type of cybersex activities.

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