Knowing the therapy for cancer in general

Cancer has been one of the diseases that man has been battling and trying to find a cure for many years now. We still can’t imagine the day when a discovery will be made and some scientists will go on live TV and tell everybody that he/she has cured cancer.

It does sound like the movie “I am legend” ish in a sense but with medical advancements, people are positive to find a cure for it. Even if we still don’t have a breakthrough in the cure to eradicate it, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have treatments for it. Cancer treatment is multidisciplinary which means depending on the cancer multiple interventions are needed.

proton therapy

Chemotherapy:  The most popular treatment of all, chemotherapy is the type of treatment that uses drugs to treat the disease. Don’t get it wrong though, drugs for chemotherapy targets fast growing cells in general and one on the common example of fast growing cells are your hair. This is why one of the common effects of chemotherapy is alopecia.

Surgery: If it’s safe and possible surgery has been one of the treatments for cancer. It’s an invasive procedure that has a lot of risks. Not all people need or are qualified for surgery. The aim always if it’s not needed is to avoid surgery and treat cancer with chemo and radiation therapy but there are cancers that based on prognosis will have a better survival if cancer will be taken out thru surgery o surgery is done. If cancer is already in its last stages and it has already metastasized to the vital organs that make even surgery impossible or very risky, take Steve Jobs case for example.

Radiation: Radiation therapy is also one of the popular therapy for cancer and usually comes together after surgery due to the fact that radiation therapy helps kills cancer cells and shrink tumors preventing it from growing again and spreading to other parts of the body, you can treat it like something that tames cancer cells.

Cancer therapy is a multidisciplinary treatment that relies on a lot of factors like age, type of cancer, location and the stage of cancer. Cancer is idiopathic; it has no known cause but can only be and possibly related to lifestyle, environment, and genetics. They are conventional and unconventional Cancer treatments out there and for the cancer patients, it’s only a matter of finding what suits/best for them.


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