A lot of schools are now including computer class as part of the curriculum. Should it be a surprise? Knowing how to use the computer is pretty much essential to live in today’s technologically dependent world. Unless you want to be a social recluse, there’s no other way around it.

Typing, in particular, is what schools are focusing on. Ok, so kids know how to use computers with or without a class. They even mastered how to use a smartphone by age 4! But, there’s a certain skill that comes into typing. It may not be obvious but certain techniques can be used to improve your typing efficiency. There’s even a game to play to make it fun along the way.

that BBC game

Typing the Time Away

Time flies when you’re having fun. So, your child should expect the minutes and hours to fly when they play that BBC game. It’s actually called Dance Mat Typing and it’s a series of levels and challenges to test your child’s typing efficiency. The games are conducted in a way that doesn’t make it all too boring. All the essential typing needs are provided while keeping it light and fun for the kid.

Memory Matters

Probably the most foundational element of typing mastery is memorizing each of the keys’ placement in the computer or laptop. At first, this can seem confusing. Kids are used to the A B C order. Once they see that the first row starts with Q W E R T Y then they’ll wonder why didn’t they make it into alphabetical order! Either way, they still have to master how it’s laid out. Just as important is to train their fingers to spread out on the keyboard.

Becoming a Typing Tornado

Typing quickly and efficiently can be a great benefit in the future. People don’t realize how much time you can save if only your typing was just a bit faster. It takes time and practice to reach such a speedy level which is why it’s important your kid learns it in an engaging manner. If they try usual old typing exercises they might quit out of boredom.

It’s not only secretaries that need typing skills but pretty much everyone who uses a laptop. It’s a handy skill to have if you know your way around the keyboard. It’ll save you a lot of precious time and energy in the future.