Mastering Meditation: Tips on How to Meditate

Meditation is like fitness. Meditation is for the mind while fitness is for the body. Meditation is an approach to training the mind to enhance understanding and improve relaxation. For others it is simple but to those whose lives were transformed by meditation, it is life changing.

Meditation is highly recommended not just as a tool to relax the mind but also as a way to combat anxiety and stress. It is also proven tool to foster health. It has many health benefits like inducing cortisol levels, decreasing blood pressure, improving blood circulation and many more. If you are just starting to meditate, there are different meditation guide that you can consider. Start with meditation CDs or MP3s. These tools can give you step-by-step instructions for meditating.

meditation matters

If you do not have these, it doesn’t mean you cannot effectively practice meditation. Here are some tips that you can apply to improve meditation:

Make sure you are in an upright position

Posture is important when you are meditating. Whether you choose to sit or cross your legs, be sure that the spine is upright and the head is up. Slouching is not good because your mind will tend to drift when you are in this position. To do this correctly, imagine that your head is touching the sky.

Try to open your eyes while meditating

You see meditation scenes with people closing eyes. Would you believe that opening your eyes while meditating is more effective than closing it? When you close your eyes, your mind will wonder because you will think what is happening around you. If you try to open your eyes, you will be more focused because you are more “present”.

Anchoring in the present moment

You think that you are in the present but most of the time your mind is wondering. You do not even know what is happening around you sometimes. Meditation will make you feel more in the present moment. You can anchor present moment through breathing. If you are having difficulties to start, try to count your breathing silently.

Refocus on the body

It is difficult to start if you feel strong emotions like hate and anger. Meditation is relaxing the mind by emptying it. You can deal with strong emotions by refocusing on your body. Remember that hot feeling in your chest. This is how you honor your emotions without being enslaved to it.

Appreciate silence

There are people who prefer music when meditating but nothing beats the simplicity of silence. The meditation music will simply drown your mind while silence will highlight everything that is present. Choose an environment you are comfortable with.

Duration of the meditation matters

For beginners, ideal duration of meditation is ten minutes. As you enjoy meditation, you can increase the length.

Mastering meditation takes a lot of practice and discipline. When you mastered it, you have to share it. It is time that more people understand and practice it. This could make the world a better place.

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