Native Translators – Why should you hire them?

In this era of online marketing where your users connect with you through website , having a badly translated homepage, which looks like mechanically translated does not connect with the target audience and will also decrease the brand value as they think of you only as a foreign brand with no local connection. Sometimes we also go through users manuals which do not make any sense because of the shoddy translations. That is why it is important to opt for a native translator.

translated homepage

The native translators have a good grasp over the grammar and vocabulary of the language as it’s their mother tongue. This helps them to deliver a nuanced translation with a natural style that does not only sound good but deliver the exact message as in the original document. The native translators generally make less grammatical errors as they do not go for lateral word to word translation but will deliver the whole idea of the original concept using appropriate style and language of the native population.

The native translator will not only translate the material but also effectively localize it. He has a good knowledge of the commonly used words and the tone and context in which they are used.  He is aware of the culture and preferences of the native population and will be able to translate the marketing contents like brochures and advertisement to suit their tastes.

Hiring a native translator also saves time and money as it eliminates the need for revisions and retranslations on the content. But sometimes opting for a native language translator with little or no subject knowledge of the concept can also prove to be detrimental as they fail to convey the exact message of the original document. They may add or delete some important points from the original content to suit their style.

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