Online tutoring – a blessing for working parents

Teaching your child if you are a working parent is difficult. You may not be able to spend time with your child or may be too busy with your work schedule or even may not get time to brush your concepts before teaching. All this reasons, might cause a working parent to hire a tutor. While they think of a tutor, there are many things that come to their mind starting from choosing a right tutor, his availability, travel required, time required and cost. With so many concerns, online tutoring comes like bliss for working parents, especially when you can hire a tutor at a reputed site like heytutor.

How are online tuitions helpful to working parents?

  1. When opting for a tutor, the parent has to invest time in searching, checking references, experience and expertise of the tutor. This takes time and that is the concern. When the parent can check some trusted websites like heytutor where there is no hassle and one can get options of tutors available online, it gives them such a relaxation.


There is good availability of qualified teachers online. You can check the qualification, experience and choose the teacher as per your budget.

  1. When taking tuitions, the child may also have to travel to the library or the tutor’s place. But with online tuitions, the child can just login and start learning as per the schedule. This avoids travel and thus the child is safe and secure. Parents can also opt for recording sessions and tracking them will also be eliminating the safety concerns. This saves energy and time as well.

But if the child opts for e-learning apps on mobile, he can login into the app at any time and keep checking the details until he is clear about the concepts. This is even better because there is no particular schedule and the child can use it anytime and anywhere.

  1. A tutor will be costly. Some are even paid on hourly basis. So, when opting for online tuitions, it is very cost effective.
  2. The quality of material available online is also very good. There is clear concept building and step by step explanation of the concept. These are usually interactive sessions and good visual illustrations with examples let the child to absorb the concept easily.

There are even tracking and measuring tools to check the student’s improvement. Parents can track this to know their strengths and weakness.

  1. Online tuitions are also personalized learning when compared to general tuitions where the tutor has to concentrate on every child and his attention gets divided. But with online tuitions, the child gets undivided attention. Online tutoring is definitely a blessing for working parents.