Pass Your Drug Test With Flying Colors Using Nexxus Aloe Rid Old Formula

Marijuana is rushing towards legalization in the United States, with multiple states already legalizing the substance. Even if it were to be legal countrywide, however, a lot of stuffy work environments will continue to penalize marijuana users. We’re firm proponents of the thought that being able to produce quality work should be the only requirement for employment, and many great employees have been fired or passed over for positions due to recreational drug use. Over a decade ago, the Macujo method for passing hair drug tests was discovered, and today it’s easier than ever to put the method into action with Nexxus Aloe Rid Old Formula.

No longer will smoking a little bit of weed hold you back from career opportunities. Even if you’re never high at work, traces of marijuana can remain in the hair for over two weeks. Should someone lose out on a job or get fired due to smoking half a month ago? Nexxus doesn’t think so, which is why this shampoo combo was developed to let you keep your job and keep your weed too!

Nexxus Aloe Rid Old Formula

How does it work? Get ready for some science! The formula is paired with an ultra clean shampoo to quickly remove and purify your hair. The two products work together, with the Nexxus wash breaking down the hard outer layer of your hair strand to allow the purifying shampoo to remove all traces of THC-COOH (the active ingredient in marijuana) from the inner layer of the strand.

This powerful combination removes any uncertainty about whether or not you’ll pass a drug test. It also avoids wrecking your hair in the process. A technique to allow marijuana users to pass a drug tests must accomplish two things:

  • Break down the protective outer layer of the hair to allow access to the THC-COOH
  • Remove all traces of said chemical from the strand.

Previously, a lot of techniques used really harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia. This got the job done, but it absolutely wrecked the integrity of the hair in the process. You would pass the drug test but you’d have some seriously fried hair as a result. Nexxus Aloe Rid Old Formula is specially formulated to gently penetrate the hair cuticle to allow the detox shampoo to clean the cortex.

So that’s all well and good, but what’s the step by step process to pass your next drug test? You’ll need the formula and shampoo combo as well as household vinegar, clean and clear pink, and a pack of detergent.

  • Massage household vinegar into your scalp
  • Place a dollop of Clean and Clear Pink on top of the vinegar and wait 30 minutes
  • Wash your hair multiple times with the Nexxus combo
  • Wash your hair with Liquid Laundry Detergent

It’s as simple as that! Getting high on your own time shouldn’t ruin your life. While we may see legalized marijuana in the coming years, it’s highly likely that corporate culture will lag pretty far behind. As long as drug tests remain a common occurrence, there will be a need for individuals and companies that work towards allowing people the opportunities they deserve. We hope this information helps you pass your next hair strand drug test with flying colors, and that it allows you to continue work even if you smoke.

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