The Perfect Gear In Shaping Your Body

This life fitness 95ti treadmill machine is the best for first class health clubs that want to influence anticipated members. Your gym will definitely look better and stunning with its great design and excellent packaging. It has the best features that your customers will totally enjoy for it has a total of 28 workout programs. It also contains Zone Training+™ workouts that brag Gerkin and Fit Test protocols, and the Military PRT/PFT training.

Complete Monitoring System for Security

It is capable of up to 12 mph and 15% slope because it comes with a MagnaDrive™ motor with a 4.0 HP AC motor. This specific elevation and speed is better enough to allow the users to have a very intense workout at any fitness level. It has an adequate size to make users of all sizes and shapes feel convenient and satisfying during their workout. It is because it has 20”x60” running exterior, which is the life fitness 95ti commercial treadmills’ standard size. It also has the deck and belt system that consists of 8 large Lifespring shock absorbers that comes with its absorption system to decrease the stress on your customer’s joints that helps prevents injuries while running.

life fitness 95ti

Not Lacking in Countenance for Your Reference

It has 26 characters with 7 segments of an alphanumeric message in LED red color in the center that shows the users their speed, elapsed time, incline, distance, heart rate, calories, watts, distance climbed, custom messaging and METs, in order for them to be aware always about the important details with regards to their activity. Furthermore, some of the features have built in reading rack to place your books, personal stereo holder for radios, an accessory tray to hold sports bottles, a Polar Telemetry, a well molded tubular steel ergo, keeping the user’s balanced and Lifepulse Digital Heart Rate Monitoring with digital signal processing for a secured heart rate workout.

The More You Pay, The More You Will Benefit

The only deficiency that you can find with this model is its value or price. Expect it to cost you more because of the various and advantageous features that surely satisfy and enjoy everyone who will use it. This machine also has a long term accuracy issues, so you have to make sure to  avail it directly from the company to give the warranty of the product. There are other worthy of comparison on this product that are being disposed in a lesser price. But, if you want a branded name for this, then expect the higher value also.

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