How To Protect Yourself On A City Street

World has an equal proportion of good and bad people. And sometimes, you might come across bad ones on the city streets. You can’t really predict when that might happen or what the possibilities are. However, there’s one thing you can do. You can prepare yourself for such situations and keep yourself ready. If nothing bad happens, it is great but if something does happen, you are at least prepared to take care of the situation. Here are some ways in which you can protect yourself.

Using women’s pepper spray

  1. Use pepper spray

Using women’s pepper spray to sting the attacker’s eye is a traditional method that has been used since a long time. However, you’d now find even more useful and effective pepper sprays in the market. All you have to do is manage getting the spray out and spraying it on the attacker’s face. This will cause an intense and unbearable burning sensation that will distract the attacker. It will last long enough so that you can run away.

  1. Martial arts/ defense techniques

There are two things you can do to deal with attackers. The long term and more committing thing to do is learning one of the martial arts to keep you protected. However, you can even attend workshops that teach basic and helpful self-defense techniques that you can use against the attacker. This can help you well when there is one attacker attacking you.

  1. Use the SOS function on your phone

If you surf a little and search a little, you’d figure out that there is a function called ‘SOS’ on your phone. When you activate it, if anything goes wrong, you can click the power button of your phone three times. This will send a call for help to the contacts that you set on your SOS receiving list. And when your family or friends receive the text, they can call the police and get their help to reach you.

  1. Call for help

If it is a busy street, don’t hesitate in calling for help or screaming out loud. Whether it is a robbery, thievery, or someone trying to molest you, seek help. When the attacker notices that you call for help, it would be enough to drive the attacker away from the fear of being handed over to the police. If the attacker still dares to stay, the crowd would help you deal with the situation anyway.

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