Revealing Top Locations of Gold Mines in RuneScape

What would life be without online entertainment? There are many online entertainments you can consider. You can stream movies, listen to music and even play online games. Whichever you think is entertaining for you, indulging is the best way to cope.  If in this case you are a fan of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games (MMORPG), you have to try RuneScape.

beginning of RuneScape

For online players, MMORPG is perhaps the greatest gift online. It effectively combines two aspects – role-playing and multiple players. MMORPG is widespread because it is keen on establishing interaction with different players around the world. Talk about diversity, MMORPG is the best for you.

The beginning of RuneScape

Going back to RuneScape, it came about in 2001. With that, they recruited roughly 200 million players. According to The Guinness World Record, RuneScape holds the record of The World’s Most-updated and Largest MMORPG. What makes RuneScape special? It is a virtual medieval realm that gives you independence what to do next. It is not a linear game where you are expected to do things.

One moment you can fight Non-player characters (NPC) like monsters the next thing you can interact with players and buy rs gold. It is entirely up to you what you will do as long as you increase your experience. Interacting with different players mean purchasing items using gold. Gold is the official currency of RuneScape. If you decide to purchase items, you have to acquire gold first. You should spend time mining gold.

Here is a list of gold mining locations in RuneScape:

Grand Tree Mine: If you recently finished the Grand Tree Quest or Tree Gnome Village Quest, Grand Tree Mine is an excellent place to acquire gold ore. Here you will see four gold rocks together with other rock ores. Do not worry because there will be no one to compete.

Crafting Guild: The Crafting Guild has this gold rocks that you can access if your Crafting level is more than 40. Do not forget to wear a brown apron so the guild will welcome you. The mine has seven gold rocks. You have to remember that this location is kind of far from the Falador’s bank so you have to make use of teleportation devices to hasten mining and inventory.

TzHaar City Mine: The TzHaar City Mine will give you access to seven gold rocks – three in TzHaar City Mine and four near Karamja Volcano. This is a good location to mine gold because it has limited competition plus you are near to a furnace and a bank. You can dash to the bank for inventory and rush to the furnace if you want to smelt gold and make jewelry out of it.

Other gold rock locations: Aside from the three mentioned above, there are other gold rock locations but these locations necessitate the accomplishment of advanced quests. You might want to check Al-Kharid mine, Brimhaven mine, Arzinian mine, Rimmington mine and Dwarven mine.

Aside from getting gold, you can also earn Mining experience that is a valuable skill in the game. If you do not have time to mine for gold, you can spend money and buy gold from other players or from different sellers online.

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