Steps for sealing concrete

Once you finally install decorative concrete’s masterpiece of your choice, may be its pattern stamped, patio, pool deck or even an interlocking paver driveway, an exposed aggregate walkway, you must use the sealing concrete for such purposes. The Properly maintaining and protecting concrete will help in making it appear as much spectacular for long years to come and even for extending the service life. Even if surface begins in appearing wear and tear after years of exposure to traffic and environment, one can restore the original beauty with stain removal, special cleaning and polishing of products.

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The sealing concrete products from elements make them easier in cleaning off the deicing salts, grease or oil. One needs to apply the same properly. One can start off step wise for perfect applications. In case, your concrete is all new, you need to take certain steps. One must wait for around 1 month before applying the sealer. Check weather conditions also. All sealer around need to be well applied in the new conditions as it will not adhere to the damp concrete. The temperature is also required to stay more than 50 degree during applications and the drying time of around three days.

Steps for its application

  • Thoroughly sweep surface to remove all debris and dirt
  • Remove the grease, paint, mastic by selecting the cleaner based on stains.
  • Apply select cleaner and follow instructions. It is must to remove all stains as if the floor will not be properly cleaned, it can show through new sealer
  • Once stains get removed, mop well with the floor cleaner and water. Use shop vacuum for cleaning up water or debris. Let it dry for 24 hours
  • After achieving the clean surface, it is time for applying new sealer.

Follow all steps to see a difference.

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