Supreme Court has ordered to close the highway liquor shops

The judgment of the Supreme Court in the state of Tamil Nadu government for the ban of liquor shops has undergone a lot of issues in the last year as the media criticism has been high for this issue. This is not the first time the Supreme Court has ordered for the power wielded lobby in every state. However there is a strong criticism is in the case of Supreme Court judgment to withdraw their order against the liquor ban.

The highway liquor shops has been banned by the Supreme Court because of there are many accidents in the national highway due to excessive liquor. The judgment states that, “The law can only imperfectly alleviate the consequences of road accidents. In terms of personal suffering caused to individuals and families as well as in terms of deprivation caused to society of its productive social capital, road accidents impose unacceptable costs.”

judgment of the Supreme Court

In order to justify the intervention the court has imposed some parameters that are confined to the law that has been enforced in this regard. The number of accident cases in the high ways has increased drastically from 2014. The death rate of about 1.24 lakh has been increased to 1.35 lakhs in the next year. The state highway is also facing number of accidents in this regard.

It has been registered that there are about 7307 accidents because of alcohol consumption and also 2591 death has been reported in this concern. If the victim is dead due to drink and drive then their heir will not get any compensation. According to section 215, in the year of 2004 it has been suggested to close the liquor shops in national highways but the law was not imposed. But due to the increased over the years and the government has been criticized for not taking necessary action in this regard.

So the Supreme Court has decided to bring legal law in this flaming issue to avoid the road accidents. The law has been passed in India to ban of liquor shops that are available in the national highways. The order from the Supreme Court states that if there is any shops that are providing the liquor in the national and the state highways then their license will be cancelled. A lot of criticism has been raised regarding this furious action of the Supreme Court.

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