Sweat with Kayla Review on Bikini Body Guides Website

Remaining in shape is the dream and necessity of every woman irrespective of age, race, country or any other criteria. It takes a lot of efforts and time to maintain the shape of your body. It takes a lot more efforts to get back in shape. Months of workout, health drinks, nutrition regime etc is a part of the process of getting back in shape. But many a times people do not get proper guidance for workout and nutrition regimes and so they waste months and even years while exercising. I had found BBG e-book of Kayla which shows a fitness regime of 10-13 weeks of cardio workouts to get back in shape. The book does not provide guidance to reduce weight but it focuses more on getting in shape.

Sweat with kayla and her fitness tips

Recently Kayla launched a mobile app and Barbara has written a sweat with Kayla review on http://www.bikinibodyguides.com/sweat-with-kayla-itsines-app-review/ . It is an in detail and unbiased review of the mobile app and also the e-book which was published by Kayla. Kayla is a fitness expert with proven results for several customers over the year. Now the expert thought that she would share her experience and tips with a huge number of people at all the corners of the world. For this purpose she has made use of technology to create a mobile app of Sweat with Kayla for her fans.

Barbara is also a big fan of Sweat with kayla and her fitness tips shared in BBG 2.0 e-book but her review of the Itsines fitness app is not so positive and even she feels guilty about her feedback. The review of the mobile app on the BBG community is also not positive. The negative reviews of the app are because the app was just a printed version of the BBG workout e-books and as I had already been using that book for a workout, it was just like browsing through those pages on the small iPhone screen. If you are already using the e-books then it is not worth the money. Also it has high subscription charges without which one does not get access to the e-books original versions.

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