YouTube has become the ultimate portal for entertainment. It’s probably not surprising how you can find yourself at the website when you’re feeling quite bored. It has everything from the latest movie trailers to short and informative clips. So, you won’t run out of engaging videos to binge on. Companies and even bloggers nowadays also choose to release their video content primarily on YouTube. While they’ll have it on their respective websites, they’ll be foolish to not upload it on the popular site.

So, with so many things to watch, what’s really the best of the best in terms of what to watch. If you’re on the bus on the way to work and only have 5 minutes to of viewing time, then what video do you pick? There’s no straight answer to that one. It depends on your preferences. There are, however, certain videos that are popular amongst any crowd.

Spend Time with TEDx

TEDx is an organization that has the objective of giving short yet insightful talks to people across the world. They invite speakers and experts to present a particular topic and it’s all recorded for your viewing pleasure. The topics in TEDx can range anywhere from medicine to graphic design. There was even a video on the benefits of being a clown. With such a wide range of topics to cover, the tone of each video changes as well. Some are funnier while others take a more serious route. Either way, all the videos are very informative and you’ll learn a thing or two from watching the videos.

TV When You Want It

The benefit of YouTube is that it allows you to watch highlights from television on your own time. Maybe you’re at work or you’re just busy and can’t really watch the late-night shows or all your favorite talent search programs. But, the benefit of the website is that these shows are able to upload the key moments from what they aired. Let’s say you’re an avid fan of Jimmy Fallon but aren’t able to stay up late and watch, don’t worry, they regularly stream portions of the celebrity interviews and games online. Talent shows like America’s Got Talent also do this. Certain standout performances are uploaded so you stay in the know. There are also some old television shows that you can watch on the site for free.

Random Fun

YouTube is known for providing videos that offer random fun. There’s a channel that shows how to make pranks out of School Supplies. There’s even one where a person put random items into a blender and asks the audience if it will blend. It is a melting pot of fun and entertainment and it’s regularly updated daily.

1 minute can easily turn into 1 hour on YouTube. You go in originally wanting to watch just one video but end up watching so much more. When you’re strapped for time, the suggestions above can give you that much needed dose of information and entertainment.

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