Types of eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are of many types depending on their shape, width, length, thickness, curls, size, color, style, thickness etc. The list seems endless. Everybody’s eyes are different so, all extensions will not suit everyone. That is why, it is very important to select the eyelash extension that suits you the most. A wrong extension can ruin your whole look. It is always better to take a professional advice regarding this.

Before the appointment with the salon, remove all eye makeup including mascara and eye liner. These may not help the extensions to stick to your natural eyelashes. It can also react with the extension glue to cause infections. If you have permed your eyelashes, extensions can be applied only after 3 months.

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You will have to decide as to which types of eyelash extensions would you like to use. Cluster lashes, single lashes and volume lashes. Cluster lashes are heavy and thicker and can damage the natural eyelash. To stick it to three to five lashes needs more glue to stick. It can cause irritation and allergy. Single lashes- They can be applied to individual or isolated natural eyelashes and feels lighter and looks more natural. Volume lashes are the latest type of extensions. Less than six single lashes are taken and spread like a fan, this is then stuck to a single natural lash making the eyelashes look more voluminous.

After applying the extensions, you should not wet them for the next one or two days. Eye make up should also be avoided. Sleep on your back and not your side or on your tummy. Do not rub your eyes, be gentle while removing your eye makeup. Use buds rather than cotton pads to avoid extensions to fall off. Brush them morning and night to avoid tangles. You can also oil them with baby oil gently.

Single lash extensions are supposed to be the safest. It should be applied on your eyelashes and not on your eyelids. Eyelashes that are longer than 12 mm can be a little uncomfortable. When wearing sunglasses, the extensions may touch the glasses and cause irritation. It can also make the extensions fall off. These points will surely help you in making your eyelash extensions to last longer.

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