How to use SP flash tool

Many people like to know as how to get into android phone system. It happens that you accidentally delete a file or install a program, which is responsible for causing errors in your phone. You can sort out this problem by installing and upgrading your firmware. You will need smartphone flash tool to format your system and to install custom boot loaders. You can also perform a couple of other tasks like taking backup, recovery and conducting a memory test.

How to Start the Process

Make sure that all the drivers of your device are properly installed on your computer system. You do not need to download these drivers separately because you will find it bundled with the stock ROM.

Using Flash Tool

It was a general perception that you cannot use this flash tool when your phone battery is low. On the contrary, you can still flash your phone with the help of without battery option available in the flash tool.

Before flashing your phone with battery, it is recommended to fully charge it.

Install Different Versions

Manytimes, it happens that developers of your smart phone release the android update without official notice. This is because the updates are not released by the company, but by android developers. If you wish to install this new android version, you can do it with the help of smartphone flash tool.

Unbrick Your Android Phone

Sometimes it happens that while accessing your phone you messed up with the system files. After which your phone is not working nor, it is switching on. If this is the case, you can download the official version of your android device firmware. If you have a backup, then you can reinstall it on your phone with the use of SP flash tool, in case of any error with the latest version. This tool will help you correct all the present errors of your smart phone.

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