Vocal volume boost

When playing music in a live setting with other members in a band, one of the important things to keep in mind is the gear used, especially the amps. The amps provide the sound from the stage to the audience. A good sound guy can only do so much if the amps aren’t really that great. Keep in mind that every member of the band, except the drummer has different amps, yes even the vocals have amps too.

When talking about amps, guitar and bass amps alone have a lot of options to choose from, there are of course, classic tube amps, solid state amps, amp heads with cabinet speakers. These are usually the amps that we’re all too familiar with in a concert, but what people don’t really know is that vocalists use amps as well, although more or less hidden in plain view. Choosing the best amp for vocals is important to create a well-rounded live sound.

The full band setting

When looking for a vocal amp to be used in a live setting, one should at least have a basic idea on how to compliment every other musical instrument in the group so as to have a well-balanced sound. Vocal amps shouldn’t really be too high range in terms of frequency since it will be somewhat the same with a guitar amp and the vocals will drown out from the guitars, as guitar amps are usually in the high to mid frequency range. There’s no need to get a vocal amp with a lot of low range frequencies as well since that part’s usually covered by the bassist. Choose a vocal amp which sits comfortably in the middle and can easily cut through the whole mix without really standing out.

Budget friendly

When shopping for a vocal amp on a tight budget, the most popular choice of people are PA speakers since they are really practical in terms of use. Not only does it serve as a vocal amplifier but it also doubles as a monitor for other instruments so the players could hear themselves. PA speakers are also fairly cheaper compared to other vocal amplifiers which is why it is really the ideal choice to go for when choosing a vocal amp.

In a live band setting, vocals are just as important as any other instrument that’s playing. Everybody should be heard in the mix and isn’t drowned out by the rest of the instruments when playing. A vocal amp provides the vocals that needed boost of volume to cut through the mix but still maintain an even level all around so as not to stick out like a sore thumb.


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